17th Annual Birthday Celebration

posted Mar 2, 2013, 6:30 PM by Meghan Fouracre
Greetings One Heart Community:
Had an amazing time at our Birthday Celebration last week! Thanks to everyone who came out and brought food and good smiles and happiness!

No circle at LACS again this week. We should be back on for next week though. This Sunday Feb 24th our Foundation of Light circle will be from 5-7pm. Suggested donation $5 per car.

Looking ahead, the Ithaca Festival dates and theme have been announced.  The theme is "Where the Heart Is" very fitting for One Heart Community Drumming. :)  The parade will be on a Wednesday this year May 29th with the remainder of the festival running through June 2nd.  Other glorious news is that there will be events in Stewart Park Sunday June 2nd.  Grateful for the return of the tradition that was eliminated last year. 
That's all folks,