Foundation of Light Open Drum Sundays from 2-6pm

posted Feb 18, 2012, 7:12 AM by Meghan Fouracre
Please join us for Open Community Drumming at the Foundation of Light (FOL) Sundays from 2-6pm. We are very fortunate to have this amazing space to gather and drum.  Please keep the following information in mind:

Donations: The proprietors of FOL are asking that we make donations every Sunday.  If everyone donates at least $1 every time, we'd be in good shape.  Our privileges will be discontinued if we don't step it up in this area.

Cleanliness:  Please make sure if you bring food, use a glass, etc that you clean it up before you leave.  Everyone needs to pitch in to help put away chairs and make sure the space is as pristine when we leave as when we arrive. Also remember to remove your shoes before entering.

Smoking:  Due to some recent complaints about smoking near the building, I'd like to remind everyone to refrain from smoking anywhere near the building or the parking lot.  Any illegal activity of any kind will not be tolerated.  You all know what I am talking about. Please respect the space and take care of your smoking habit in the woods or off the premises.

Looking forward to drumming this Sunday!  Please save the date March 4th for our Annual Anniversary Celebration of One Heart Community Drumming.

Love, Meghan