posted May 26, 2016, 9:42 AM by Dennis James


We will be celebrating One Heart's 20th Anniversary with a dish-to-pass meal followed by drumming. It's not mandatory to bring a dish but it is much appreciated. It is, however, requested that you do bring your love, energy and memories of the circle and the beautiful people, past and present, that have contributed to the longevity and continuation of this very special entity. Especially our beloved Steve, without whom One Heart would not exist, as it was him that nurtured it/us for so many years and it is the memory of him that motivates many of us, as we strive to try and carry on his legacy.

Twenty years ago, (Feb 22nd. 1996), we began the first official drum circle under the name of "One-Heart Community Drumming". (We did drum in the late summer of 1995, [as a unofficial group, ending when the weather got too cold], then formed officially in January of 1996, and began drumming indoors at the school on February [22nd] of 1996.) In celebration of 20 years of weekly drum circles, please join us for our birthday celebration." (from Steve's notes with the anniversary year changed to reflect our current year).

Sunday, February 21, 2:00- Foundation of Light- 391 Turkey Hill Rd