Ithaca Festival

posted Jun 2, 2014, 7:59 AM by Dennis James   [ updated Jun 2, 2014, 8:16 AM ]

Ithaca Festival Parade and Saturday circle

PARADE UPDATE Some bittersweet news about the parade. Bitter part- due to a miscommunication we will NOT have a vehicle in the parade, so we will be on foot- but hey we've done it many times before. Sweet part- we'll be second in line right behind the mayor. Many of us like this because we not only get to participate in the parade, but we also get to become spectators since we finish early. So for those of you that were on the fence about whether or not to drum in or watch the parade you have a chance to do both. It starts at 6:30 so try and arrive before 6:00. See everyone tomorrow!!!

It was a beautiful day on the lake for the circle yesterday. Many passers-by smiled, waved or danced near us as we filled the park with rhythms. Hello to the new faces that joined us and looking forward to having you return. It was nice to see the familiar faces as well. The circle is ever changing and yet, always still the same.

Update on the parade this Thursday. We will have a truck and trailer for us to ride on but anyone that wants to walk along can do that as well. We're hoping to have extra drums but if you don't have one come anyway, your positive energy is all you need. Chickie will know Tuesday where we will assemble before the parade and I will post it then. It starts at 6:30 so arrive accordingly- traffic can and will be difficult to say the least.

Saturday's circle will be at 4:00 in Triangle/Bell/Thompson Park. The one near Gimme Coffee and Kinney Drugs. Please let any drummers that don't FB or check the webpage know that we'll be there instead of Stewart Park. This is going to be an eventful week with energies high.