Memorial Day Weekend 2013

posted May 31, 2013, 1:12 PM by Meghan Fouracre
Today's weather looks a little chilly for the park but let's try for it anyway.  Bring a sweatshirt and meet in the Northwest Corner of Stewart Park starting at 4pm for Open Community Drum Circle.

Monday May 27th Memorial Day:  Weather outlook looks great, let's have a drum circle/potluck in Stewart Park starting at 3pmLet's use some of this time to plan for the Ithaca Festival Parade which will be held Wednesday May 29th.  Parade lineup is at 5:30, the parade starts at 6.  We are going to have a small "float" so get there by 5:30 if you want a spot on the float.  We are positioned between #66 and #67.  Our lineup marker is #2.  We line up on WEST JAY ST. We may not be able to get all the drummers on the truck so bring drums or shakers that you can carry, or plan to dance or use a wagon or anything fun. Please contact me 860-877-5076 if you want to be in the parade and have any questions.

Sunday June 2nd: Join us for the BIG Ithaca Festival drum circle in Stewart Park. Starts at 12:30.  For most participating, it will be necessary to take the TCAT from the high school.  My understanding is that the bus rides cost 50 cents this year.  Our regular members will bring as many drums as possible but this is always a huge circle so please bring your drums and be responsible for your own drums (ie asking others not to play them with rings etc)

Happy Ithaca Festival!

Love Meghan