One-Heart Community Drum" Birthday celebration has been rescheduled for this coming weekend

posted Feb 20, 2011, 4:08 PM by Steve Calkins
Hi "One-Heart Community Drum" Folks!,
    Got into town today, (for the first time since Friday P.M.), and wanted to get a brief message out to those that may have arrived at the school on Saturday looking for the drum circle's 15th Anniversary Celebration.
    Early Saturday afternoon, (after several conversations with people concerned about travel issues), I decided to cancel the event, and reschedule it for this coming Saturday, Feb 26th 5P.M. 
    While conditions in the city were not that bad, the outlying areas were much worse, (including 8" of snow in Groton, and white-out conditions according to Chickie.) We also had 4 inches and heavy snow falling in Newfield at the time I canceled, (and come to find out a large pine tree had fallen across the road a quarter mile down the road from my place, blocking the entire roadway, so I could not have gotten to town if I had wanted to, as the tree blocked the only egress from my home.) The Downtown Ithaca "Chili Cook-Off"  was canceled as well, so many realized that the weather was a issue, and also rescheduled.
     I made a few phone calls to contact people that were likely to be there, and Joe L. put an ad on the local radio station saying that we were canceling the event until next weekend. Apologies for all those that did not find this out in time, and made the trip to the school.
    I look forward to seeing you all next weekend, (when the weather is suppose to be much nicer, so there should be no weather issues!) See you then! Much Love, Steve