Saturday Aug, 9

posted Aug 13, 2014, 8:00 AM by Dennis James

This past Monday was our Steve's birthday. One might wonder if he was present at the circle last Saturday, for it was a spectacular one. It was one of those rare instances where everyone came together without much effort and drummed in near perfect unity, time and time again. There seemed to be something intertwining us together creating moments of oneness within the group. Was it Steve? Some of us like to think so, some perhaps not. However, there is no denying the fact that we were all there, and all here because of him. Recently Steve's friend and one of One Heart's dearest members, Wil, contacted us from his home in Ecuador. Here's some of what he had to say.

"Steve taught me -and others- ..., Steve taught us by example.
Steve did not teach us drumming, he taught us how to lead by example.
His example was to always try to meet the needs of others by being flexible and considerate.
Our circle did one thing amazingly, we all learned to let anyone play anything they want whenever they wanted at anytime.

I suggest people transform their view from doing one thing to achieve another to seeing whatever they choose as a Lifestyle. I mean, this is US. what we are doing at every moment IS OUR LIFE. everything else is a possibility, but what we are doing is our actuality.
when we drum or speak or act we not only change the outside, but our action changes us. it-s a one-to-one relationship.
Steve Calkins so much embodied doing whatever seemed right to him by doing it himself.
one-heart was a primary expression of this."
  William Meyer

Since Steve's death, One Heart has strived to continue what Steve started and maintained for oh so many years. We have succeeded in some areas and perhaps failed in others, but be it not for a lack of trying. From one week to the next it's hard to predict what the circle will be for that day. At times there are just a few of us that have gathered and at other times, there are many. For the most part, it's somewhere in between but It's always an afternoon of love for each other and the circle. It is always the perfect time to "smile" Love to Steve and to all of us.

Saturday- 4:00-Stewart Park- NW corner