Upcoming drumming 01/27/11

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SATURDAY February 12, 2011 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.  One Heart Community Drummers will be sponsoring a special one day drumming workshop with Jeremy Crytzer.  
The workshop will be held at Lehman Alternative Community School, 111 Chestnut St. Ithaca, NY. 
We will spend the afternoon with Jeremy learning rhythms from Guinea and Mali , West Africa , in addition to djembe parts we will also have a chance to learn doundounba parts as well so if you have a doundounba bring it.  
The circle will have some drums to share, but if you have a drum bring it.  
We will have a break in the middle of the program so bring a snack and some to share.  
We will be taking donations to help pay for Jeremy's time.  
Hope you can make it!  
See "Weekend Drum Workshop" page for more details.
Hi "One-Heart Community Drum" Folks!,
    Excellent workshop with Jeremy Crytzer last weekend. Thanks to Jeremy, Erica, and all those that made it an excellent workshop! Also, we ended up doing a drum circle following, that was wonderful energy and very good drumming, and that was well attended, (20+), (despite not being scheduled!) Smile! This weekend offers another excellent workshop, (at the City Health Club), followed by our regular drum circle at the school. CU Then! Love, Steve
    P.S. We will NOT be drumming at "FIRE & ICE" this year, (as they have changed the format of the event.) However, they said they will likely have us at their May "Glass Festival", (which will be an outdoor event, so ultimately will work out better for us.) (As a result we will need to raise money for the building insurance, [that is due in later February, that we normally would use the proceeds from FIRE & ICE for.] If you feel to make a contribution towards the insurance see Steve.) Thanks! Love, Steve

Upcoming drumming:

From: sfioramonti@twcny.rr.com
    Friday, January 28th, 7-9P.M., Liverpool community drum circle, Liverpool Art Center, 101 Lake Drive, Liverpool, NY 13088  (315)234-9333  Extra drums available.

        Saturday, January 29th, from 2-4 p.m.Maurice Haltom is sponsoring a West African drumming class with a world class djun djun drummer from Guinea, Aboubacar Camara. The event will be held at the City Health Club, 402 W. Green St, Ithaca. Call 607-319-4663 for more info.
    West African Drum and Dance Intensive: Saturday, January 29. This Intensive will focus on Sorsonet dance and rhythm. Drum Class will go from 2-3pm and will be slanted toward all levels. We want the dance and drum experience to be informative, fun and powerful, so only proficient drummers will be utilized for the dance class. Beginning-Intermediate dance instruction will be given from 3-4pm. Intermediate Advance dance instruction will be given from 4:30-6pm class will involve more energetic and rhythmically complex movements (which in the past we have avoided in a weekly classes).
  The fee schedule will be as follows:
    * Drums: $15
    * Dance (Beginning-Intermediate Sorsonet): $15
    * Dance I (Intermediate-Advanced): $20
    * Dance II (Beginning-Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced Sorsonet): $25
    * Drum and Dance I: $25
    * Drums and Dance I and Dance II: $50
    Special Guest Aboubacar Camara from Guinea. Aboubacar will work with those drummers who have special interest in the djun djuns (stick drums).
    Steve's Note: I plan on attending the 2-3P.M. drum class, and will hang around for the dance portion following, (IF they need drummers for that, and leave for the school thereafter, (4P.M.)

    Saturday, January 28th, "ONe-Heart Community Drum" Open community drum circle, Lehman Alternative Community School, 111 Chestnut St., Ithaca. Extra drums available, children welcomed, potluck optional.

From: tokoimports@hotmail.com
    Wednesdays in February, (2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd), Toko Imports is forming a womans conga drumming class for the month of February. The four(4) classes will be held each Wednesday night. The cost is only $25.00. For more details, call Tom at Toko 277-3780.

From: drumzzone8@gmail.com
    Saturday, February 5th, Dancin' Janet , African dance to live drumming. Janet is still in Guinea learning some new dances so you never know what will happen!!!!!!!! Please register early at the store or the website!!! www.notbongos.com and www.drumzzone.com Just $20 for a very unique experience!!! $25.00 at the door.

From:  drumzzone8@gmail.com
    Friday, February 7th is community Drum Circle Night! 7-8:30pm, at the DrumZZOne, Washington Ave, Endicott.

    Saturday, February 12th, 1-4:30P.M., Drumming workshop with Jeremy Crytzer: We will spend the afternoon with Jeremy learning rhythms from Guinea and Mali, West Africa; in addition to djembe parts we will also have a chance to learn doundounba parts as well so if you have a doundounba bring it.   The circle will have some drums to share, but if you have a drum bring it.   We will have a break in the middle of the program so bring a snack and some to share.   We will be taking donations to help pay for Jeremy's time.  
    Jeremy Crytzer:  Learn rhythms from Guinea and Mali , West Africa , on djembe and doun douns with Jeremy Crytzer. Jeremy has studied West African drumming for over 21 years with many master teachers including Karamba Dioubate, Abdoul Doumbia, Yaya Diallo, Mamady Keita, Mbemba Bangoura, and others. He has performed all over the country and facilitated workshops with many of the African masters with whom he studied and played. He has been teaching drum classes since 1999, previously in Tucson, Arizona, and is considered a patient and encouraging but rigorous teacher.
   Steve's Note: We are asking people to bring a potluck dish to pass, to provide for refreshments during the workshop. This is optional. See you all there!

From:  drumzzone8@gmail.com
    February 13th is The Devin Spears Scholarship Talent Showcase at EPAC on Washington Ave. in Endicott, NY. The DrumZZone Drummerz and Dancin' Janet will be one of the many wonderful performances.
    From Joe Lorincz: Maybe before the talent show starts we could set up a drum circle for a couple hours to build up the energy and help kick things off. The Talent show begins at 3 pm we could drum from 12 or 1 pm to 2:30 pm. February 13 in a Sunday. Steve's Note: Details are being worked out, more info to follow.

    Thursday, February 17th, 7-9P.M., Corning Glass Museum "Fire and Ice" Celebration. We will NOT be drumming for this event this year, as they have changed the format of the event. However, they said they will likely have us drum for their May "Glass Festival" in downtown Corning. I'll post information for that event, once it becomes available. 

From: Joe Lorincz <oneheartcommunitydrummers@yahoo.com>
         This years Spirit-Rhythm Drumming and Dancing will be July 8, 9, 10, 2011, and will be held at Sheela Kingsbury's "Tea Garden Ithaca", at 133 Jersey Hill Rd Ithaca, NY, located just a short drive from downtown Ithaca. The Tea Garden Ithaca is a beautiful forested, quiet oasis where guests can share in the serenity and beauty of nature.  
      You may arrive Friday night, but please be there by 10 am Saturday at the very latest.  It will be focused on drumming workshops, dance workshops, and building a close connected community. Plan on arriving either Friday night or no later than Saturday morning by 10:00 am.
     Meeting and greeting Friday night we will have snacks, beverages and fruit available.   We will also gather around the fire to get to know each other, drum a bit and get ready for two fun filled days of drumming and dancing.
     We will have workshops Saturday and Sunday, with a bonfire and all night drumming Saturday night.
     Should the weather be inclement there is a nice large comfortable main house where we can fit people in easily and comfortably.  We will also have overhead tarps to cover the camping area.
     The price $75.00 include all workshops, camping, bonfires, meals and snacks. But feel free to bring some of your favorite snacks.  We will have a menu that has great vegetarian  and meat dishes.  Prepared by the Tea Garden chefs known for their culinary skill and magic!
    Million Women Drummers Gathering 2013 - If you are a woman drummer, check out what is going on! This event is a vision by Ubaka Hill and is in the beginning stages of creation on facebook. Get involved, TODAY! Help spread the word to all and any women drummer sister friends and become a part of the process! www.millionwomendrummers.com

Other events will be posted as they become confirmed! 

Some weekly hand drumming classes available:

From: Jeremy and Erica Crytzer
  Classes discontinued until later in the Fall. More info: 607-532-4037

From: Jonathan Kline <jkline@jonathankline.org>
    Subject: Afro-Caribbean Percussion Class Questions: jkline@jonathankline.org

Have Great Day! Love, Steve