Upcoming drumming 02/18/11

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Hi "One-Heart Community Drum" Folks!,
    Another excellent workshop with Jeremy and Erica Crytzer. Thanks for the great instruction!  A limited drum circle occurred after the workshop, though many were pretty drummed out. Thanks to all that attended! Drum Circle 15th Anniversary Celebration tomorrow. Hope to see you there! Love, Steve

Upcoming drumming events:
Due to snow and wind storm on Saturday February 19,
the One Heart Community Drum Birthday Celebration
has been rescheduled for Saturday February 26!!!

     February 26th, "One-Heart Community Drum" 15th Anniversary Celebration! Fifteen years ago, (Feb 22nd. 1996), we began the first official drum circle under the name of "One-Heart Community Drum". (We did drum in the late summer of 1995, [as a unofficial group, ending when the weather got too cold], then formed officially in January of 1996, and began drumming indoors at the school in February [22nd] of 1996.) In celebration of 15 years of weekly drum circles, please join us for our birthday celebration. 5P.M. Potluck meal, 6P.M. Open community drum circle. Extra drums available, children welcomed!

From:  drumzzone8@gmail.com
    Friday, March 1st, is community Drum Circle Night! 7-8:30pm, at the DrumZZOne, Washington Ave, Endicott.

March New Moon: March 4th, 3:46P.M. EST

From: Joe Lorincz <oneheartcommunitydrummers@yahoo.com
    Saturday March 12 1:30 pm to 4 pm. Drumming workshop with Jeremy Crytzer: We will spend the afternoon with Jeremy learning rhythms from Guinea and Mali, West Africa; in addition to djembe parts we will also have a chance to learn doundounba parts as well so if you have a doundounba bring it.   The circle will have some drums to share, but if you have a drum bring it.   We will have a break in the middle of the program so bring a snack and some to share.   We will be taking donations to help pay for Jeremy's time.  
    Jeremy Crytzer:  Learn rhythms from Guinea and Mali , West Africa , on djembe and doun douns with Jeremy Crytzer. Jeremy has studied West African drumming for over 21 years with many master teachers including Karamba Dioubate, Abdoul Doumbia, Yaya Diallo, Mamady Keita, Mbemba Bangoura, and others. He has performed all over the country and facilitated workshops with many of the African masters with whom he studied and played. He has been teaching drum classes since 1999, previously in Tucson, Arizona, and is considered a patient and encouraging but rigorous teacher.
   Steve's Note: We are asking people to bring a potluck dish to pass, to provide for refreshments during the workshop. This is optional. See you all there!

 March Full Moon: March 18th, 2:10P.M. EDT

April New Moon: April 3rd, 10:32A.M. EDT

April Full Moon: April 17th 10:44P.M. EDT

    April 21-24, 2011, Shakori Hills Spring GrassRoots Festival, (near Silk Hope, just north of Pittsboro, NC.) More info: http://www.shakorihills.org/( Steve's Note: Ithaca Schools are closed this week, reopening the 25th) (11 drive 1-way)

    Saturday, April 30th, Beltaine Celebration, Peter Karig's home, hamlet of West Danby. More information soon!

May New Moon: May 3rd, 2:51A.M. EDT

May Full Moon: May 17th, 7:09A.M. EDT

June New Moon: June 1st, 5:03P.M. EDT
    June 2nd-5th, Ithaca Festival:
       Parade: Thursday June 2nd Cayuga St, Ithaca.
       Open Community Drum Circle All Day Sunday, June 5th, in Stewart Park Grove Area.
       We are already registered for these events. (Confirmation will come in early April.)

June Full Moon: June 15th, 4:13P.M. EDT

July New Moon: July 1st, 4:54A.M. EDT
From: Joe Lorincz <oneheartcommunitydrummers@yahoo.com>
    Spirit-Rhythm 2011:  Drumming and Dancing in The Forest, July 8, 9, 10, 2011
a Joe Drumn production
    We are happy to announce that this year, Spirit-Rhythm: 2011 Drumming and Dancing in the Forest. To be held at Sheela Kingsbury's "Tea Garden Ithaca".
    Located just a short drive from downtown Ithaca, NY at 133 Jersey Hill Rd Ithaca, NY. Tea Garden Ithaca is a beautiful forest like  quiet oasis where guests can share in the serenity and beauty of nature.
     Directions:  From Ithaca: 96B South, past Ithaca College to stop light at W. King Rd. & Upper Buttermilk Falls sign. Turn right, travel 3.1 miles until Jersey Hill Rd. Turn right on Jerseyy Hill and go 1000ft Blue mailbox, Tea Garden sign & 700ft. driveway on the left.
  Please try to arrive Friday night, but please be there by 9 am Saturday at the very latest. 
  Spirit-Rhythm will be focused on drumming workshops (two separate styles of drumming workshops are offered this year), dance workshops (two separate style of dance workshops), an optional Japanese Tea Ceremony, Reike workshops and all night drumming around the fire, Saturday night, and building and celebrating a close connected community. (Plan on arriving either Friday night or no later than Saturday morning by 9 am.)   
    During the day, you can explore many types of ceremonial, ritual, spiritual, drumming, dance, and other natural, magical and artistic practices via workshops, a Japanese Tea Ceremony, nature hikes, forest walks, drumming, chanting, singing, and dancing in a circle; together, around a beautiful bonfire, or just hanging out with new friends in the community exchanging insights, thoughts, ideas, moments, trust and forging connection . 
    When the sun goes down, the bonfire light will light up the night to the sights and sounds of amazing ceremonial, freestyle, and beautifully rhythmic and stimulating magical dancing, spiritual and ceremonial chants, songs, drumming, laughing and that special spark that comes from a close connected community enjoying and celebrating itself! 
    Meeting and greeting Friday night:   we will have snacks, beverages and fruit available.   We will also gather around the fire to get to know each other, drum a bit, share information about Spirit-Rhythm and get ready for two fun filled days of drumming and dancing and celebrating our community.
    We will have workshops Saturday and Sunday, with a bonfire and all night drumming Saturday night.
    We will have workshops in two different styles of drumming.
    This year we will be offering both "Spirit-Rhythms": Ceremonial and Ritual Drumming Workshops and African Drumming Workshops.
    "Spirit-Rhythms":  The Ceremonial and Ritual Drumming Workshops,  will include ceremonial and ritual drumming techniques and rhythms, chants, songs, "ritual dance and working the fire" for people and circles whose drumming and dance has a ritual, spiritual, magical or ceremonial focus or working.
    "Spirit-Rhythms" will be taught by Spirit Drummer and Master Reike instructor Raymond Eldridge.   Ray has quite a local and non local reputation, has drummed for many percussion musicians, bands and performers in countless festivals, concerts and events, brings his extensive spirit drumming experience to Spirit-Rhythm and the Spirit-Rhythms Workshops.   Ray will also be conducting Reike workshops.
   The African drumming workshops will be taught by Jeremy Crytzer.
   Jeremy Crytzer:  Learn rhythms from Guinea and Mali , West Africa , on djembe and doun douns with Jeremy Crytzer. Jeremy has studied West African drumming for over 21 years with many master teachers including Karamba Dioubate, Abdoul Doumbia, Yaya Diallo, Mamady Keita, Mbemba Bangoura, and others. He has performed all over the country and facilitated workshops with many of the African masters with whom he studied and played. He has been teaching drum classes since 1999, previously in Tucson , Arizona , and is considered a patient and encouraging but rigorous teacher.
    Should the weather be inclement there is a nice very large comfortable main house where we will have our meals and workshops.  We can fit people in easily and comfortably.  We will also have overhead tarps to cover the camping area.
    The price $75.00 includes all workshops, camping, bonfires, meals and snacks. But feel free to bring some of your favorite snacks.  We will have a menu that has great vegetarian  and meat dishes.  Prepared by the Tea Garden chefs known for their culinary skill and magic!
    Registration:  Payment may be made by check or money order.
    Checks or money orders are to be made out to One Heart Community Drum.
    Mail to:  Joseph Lorincz, 1028 Ellis Hollow Rd.  # 236, Ithaca, NY 14850
    Include on a separate sheet of paper, included with your check or money order,  your name, address, phone number and e mail.  Indicate if you prefer vegetarian menu or meat menu.  If you are registering more than one person with your check or money order indicate that and include the above required information.
     Also if you wish: Optional Japanese Tea Ceremony
     For a separate $10.00, paid directly to Tea Garden Ithaca, you can enjoy The Japanese Tea Ceremony. 
     Japanese Tea Ceremony is an art form. In the simple act of making tea and drinking it, host and guest share in a ritual of beauty that promotes a profound sense of well being and connection between participants.
     Sheela Kingsbury has been studying traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony for over 20 years, both in New York City and in Japan. She is a certified tea practitioner and teacher with the Urasenke Chanoyu Tradition, the oldest and largest world wide Tea school.    As a professional Landscape Designer, Sheela specializes in the creation of Contemplation Gardens, a synthesis of traditional Japanese garden design with a strong naturalistic approach. She is developing Tea Garden Ithaca into a quiet forest and oasis, a unique garden destination, open to the public and available for events, teas and weddings. More info on this serenely beautiful place:   http://www.teagardenithaca.com
    If you wish to take part in The Tea Ceremony, include, in the same envelope you use to send in your Spirit-Rhythm registration,  A SEPARATE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, made out to Sheela Kingsbury in the amount of $10.00 for each person taking part in the tea Ceremony.  Include the number of people taking part and their information sent with your separate check or money order for your Spirit-Rhythm payment.
Scholarships Available for Spirit-Rhythm: 

Thomas Kozlowski owner of TOKO Imports, located in
Ithaca NY, (on the lower level of The Dewitt Mall, 215 N. Cayuga St.  
Ithaca, NY 14850 607-277-3780
has funded four scholarships of $25.00 each
To participate you must submit in person at TOKO Imports, in written form  
(not e mail) a brief and concise paper answering the following questions:
1.  What does drumming mean to you
2. Why do you want to go to Spirit-Rhythm.
You must personally bring in your paper to TOKO Imports and
answer a couple of questions that Tom will pose to you.
You must submit you paper personally no later than 1 June 2011!
Winners will be chosen by Tom Kozlowski, and this scholarship program is
the sole  property and purview of Tom Kozlowski and TOKO Imports.
If you are from out of the region, give Tom a call about how to partisipate!

July Full Moon: July 15th, 2:40A.M. EDT

    July 21-24th, Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance. Trumansburg Fairgrounds, Trumansburg, NY. We generally drum for the "Happiness Parade", on Saturday, July 23rd, 3P.M., followed by an open drum circle on the small knoll across from the concession stands. Then we do an all-night drum circle, at the off-site camping area, off Agard Rd. For more info on the festival: http://www.grassrootsfest.org/festival/

July (2nd New Moon of Month): July 30th 2:40P.M. EDT

August Full Moon: Aug 13th, 2:58P.M. EDT

August New Moon: Aug 28th, 11:04P.M. EDT

September Full Moon: Sept 12, 5:27A.M. EDT

September New Moon: Sept 27: 7:09A.M. EDT

    October 6-9, 2011, Fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music & Dance.  More info: http://www.shakorihills.org/

October Full Moon: Oct 11th, 10:06P.M. EDT

October New Moon: Oct 26th, 3:56P.M. EDT

November Full Moon: Nov 10th, 3:16P.M. EST

November New Moon: Nov 25th, 1:10A.M. EST

December Full Moon: Dec 10th, 9:36A.M. EST

December New Moon: Dec 24th, 1:06P.M. EST

    Million Women Drummers Gathering 2013 - If you are a woman drummer, check out what is going on! This event is a vision by Ubaka Hill and is in the beginning stages of creation on facebook. Get involved, TODAY! Help spread the word to all and any women drummer sister friends and become a part of the process! www.millionwomendrummers.com

Other events will be posted as they become confirmed! 

Some weekly hand drumming classes available:

From: Jeremy and Erica Crytzer
  Classes discontinued until later in the Fall. More info: 607-532-4037

From: Jonathan Kline <jkline@jonathankline.org>
    Subject: Afro-Caribbean Percussion Class Questions: jkline@jonathankline.org

Have Great Day! Love, Steve