Upcoming drumming 10/08/10

posted Oct 7, 2010, 11:05 AM by Steve Calkins   [ updated Oct 12, 2010, 7:41 AM by Unknown user ]
    Saturday, Oct 30th,  6 pm "One-Heart Community Drummers" and Level Green Farm Halloween Celebration, Level Green Farm, 1519  Rte 79, (Slaterville Rd), 2 miles east of Ithaca. (On the right hand side of Rte 79 East, 100 yards east of  past Pine Tree Rd, (last flashing leaving town). White house, green shutters, red barn. Pull in drive, (off the road), to park. Time 6 pm, will have drum circle and nice fire in the dome, cider, snacks and more!!!. Extra drums available, children welcomed, Potluck
Hi "One-Heart Community Drum" Folks!,
    Good drum circle last Saturday, (in the new cafeteria area, over-looking the new gym.)
    The weather should be nice this Saturday, so we will look to be outside at Stewart Park, but likely in the "Groove" area, (central south), to take advantage of the wind break. We'll be in Candor for an Anti-Frackin rally earlier in the day, and try to get to Stewart Park by 4P.M. to catch the daylight. Love, Steve

Upcoming drumming:

Sandy Parker <osparker@aol.com>
   Friday, October 8th, 6-8P.M., Central Square, UU Church, intersection of Rte 49 and Rt 11. (1/2 hour north of Syracuse.) Extra drums available.

From: Goodsell <deerfarm6@frontiernet.net>
    Saturday, October 9th 11A.M. - 3P.M.,Candor Fall Festival and  Anti-Fracking Drumming Event at Moyer Park in Candor, NY.  The park is to the right of the High School parking lot. There will be plenty of parking, bathrooms available at the ambulance garage, and a pavilion in the event of rain. The Village Clerk was thrilled to know you will be coming!
     I'll see if we can get some local activists to help with pampleteering and talking about gas drilling to those who show up by spreading the word on some of the gas lists.  Sue said she would send the word to local musicians she knew that might want to participate. --Martha
    Steve's Note: Joe L & I will be leaving LACS at 10:15A.M. if you want to car pool.
    Directions: Either: Rte 96B to Candor, then turn right on Rte 96, then right on Water Street. Or: Rte 34&96 South, then left onto Rte 96 in Spencer, then left on Water St once in Candor.

    Saturday, Oct 9th, 4P.M., Open community drum circle, Stewart Park, Groove area, (south central) Lehman Alternative Community School, 111 Chestnut St, Ithaca, NY. Extra drums available, children welcomed, potluck optional.

From: Kirtrina Baxter <kirtrina@yahoo.com>   
    Sunday, Oct 10th, 9:00A.M.-5:30P.M.,  Ithaca 10-10-10 community garden build. This event is connected to an international day of work to reduce the environmental impact on the planet. Countries worldwide are participating in this effort. You can look it up at 350.org.
    Here in Ithaca we are building a community permaculture garden at the Chestnut Hill Apts., right next to LACS. (111 Chestnut St.) Whatever portion of the day you would like to come would be fine.
    Steve's Note: I told Kirtrina that we would start around Noon, for a few hours, weather permitting. (Chestnut Hill Apts are immediately to the north of LACSchool.)

Sandra Fioramonti <sfioramonti@twcny.rr.com>  
   Tuesday, October 19th, 11A.M. Setup, Start time 11:20A.M. I am looking to see who would like to join the group leading drum circle at Onondaga Community College for the college students. We have extra drums, but would definitely like to provide more so the students can join in. If you have’em, bring! If you can’t attend, but have drums we can borrow for the day, please let me know? Mostly, I’d like to get the list together for who will be attending from the local drum circles? We are scheduled to drum at peak lunch hour in the Gordon Student center…an amazing view, if you’ve never been in that atrium-like room.
    Meet by 10:30 in the Parking lot(look for my very LOUD van from Liverpool Art Center). PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL TO BE PUT IN THE LIST OF PARTICIAPTING DRUMMERS SO WE CAN MAKE PARKING EASIER FOR UNLOADING? Thanks all! Sandra Liverpool Art Center, 101 Lake Drive, Liverpool, NY.
    Steve's Note: If anyone wants to go, we would need to leave NLT 9A.M. Let me know if interested.

    Saturday, Oct 30th, "One-Heart Community Drum" Halloween Celebration, Level Green Community, Rte 79, (Slaterville Rd), 2 miles east of Ithaca. (On the right hand side of Rte 79 East, 100 yards past Pine Tree Rd, (last flashing leaving town). White house, green shutters, red barn. Pull in drive, (off the road), to park. Time TBA. Extra drums available, children welcomed, Potluck.

Other events will be posted as they become confirmed!

Some weekly hand drumming classes available:

From: Jeremy and Erica Crytzer
  Classes discontinued until later in the Fall. More info: 607-532-4037

From: Jonathan Kline <jkline@jonathankline.org>
    Subject: Afro-Caribbean Percussion Class Questions: jkline@jonathankline.org

From:  ray <theuniversalrhythm@gmail.com>
    Saturdays 3-4pm, Hand Drumming Classes, Soma Yoga & Living Arts 409 W. State St. around back.
$10 hr. More info: theuniversalrhythm.webs.com

Have a great week! Love, Steve