Weekly Update June 21, 2012

posted Jun 21, 2012, 1:18 PM by Meghan Fouracre   [ updated Jun 21, 2012, 1:20 PM ]
Greetings One Heart Community: 

Great drum circle last week. The energy was high.  Some new folks out there have expressed interest in "facilitating" the circle.  One Heart Community Drumming is truly totally open.  If you have a rhythm to share, all you need to do is open yourself to the group and go for it!  We don't have one particular "leader" or "facilitator" but people are encouraged to share what they've got with the group.

Anyway, here is your weekly update of One Heart happenings and drumming related events in the community. 

This Saturday's Drum Forecast is quite nice, 76 degrees and Sunny!   Will be a nice break from the upper 90's.

Saturday June 23rd
One Heart will meet for open drum as usual in the northwest corner of Stewart Park this Saturday, June 23 starting around 4pm.  I wont make it until later, but lots of the regulars will be there.  Enjoy!  (Maybe the Wassa Afrika crew would like to head to park after the Juneteenth performance?? see below)

Juneteenth: Wassa Pan Afrika Dance Ensemble USA is performing at The Southside Community Center for its 75th annual Juneteenth Celebration at 5pm. Saturday June 23rdin front of the center, 305 S. Plain St.  OK, this is a conflicting event but, hey a little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone right? 

The Toddler Drum circle at Jillian's Drawers in the Commons has slowed down a bit.  I have pursued an outdoors location close to downtown but I've hit a lot of roadblocks and I'm not sure I want the stress of continuing the pursuit.  By the time I am successful, it will be winter again.  Anyway, Toddler Drum Circle will continue as usual, besides Jillian's is air conditioned. :)  Beat the heat with us every Thursday from 10-12.  For crawlers and up and accompanying guardians or siblings.

Got drumming news to share? Just send a note to meghan@oneheartcommunitydrumming.org.  Steve's updates used to be pages long with drumming news, please help us rebuild! That's all for now.

Happy Solstice! (actually it was yesterday but who is counting?)

Love Meghan